This is the time of year, as the kids get out of school and the weather warms up, that we all ask ourselves, "What are we doing this weekend?"  If you're ready to take a road trip, I've got your solution.  From Evansville, it's about two hours to get to the center of Louisville to the legendary Churchill Downs.  All eyes are on the track on the first Saturday in May every year for the Kentucky Derby, but there is plenty of action going on at the home of the twin spires throughout the spring.  I made a trip to my hometown of Louisville on the second Saturday in May for some racing.  If you've ever been to racing at Ellis Park, which is a ton of fun, Churchill takes it to the next level.  Even though it's changed and expanded over the years, you can still feel the history that fills the place.  You may not be a gambler, and I'm not much of one, but I did feel some pride on the last race before I left, when I hit an exacta and a show bet.  It was a semi-modest $14 bet that won me a total of $8.80.  Well, it was still a fun day, and I invite you to take a trip one Saturday or Sunday this spring and enjoy the spectacle of Churchill Downs.