We all LOVE to shop.....I mean HAVE to shop. And, believe it or not Consumer Reports is out with their list of Naughty and Nice retailers.

On Santa's NICE list: :-)

Live Nation -  Gives fans three days to cancel their ticket order and get a refund at participating venues. They also let customers exchange seats for better ones!!!!  

American Express - Offers peace of mind at no extra cost. If a cardholder buys a covered item with his or her Amex card and unsuccessfully tries to return it to the merchant within 90 days, American Express can refund the full purchase price, up to $300 ($1,000 per account per year).

Costco -  Has a generous return policy and provides free tech support for many electronics products. Less known is that it automatically extends the manufacturer’s original warranty on TVs and computers to two years from the date of purchase.

Amazon.com - They have taken a stand against hard-to-open product packaging. It encourages customers to share photographs and feedback with manufacturers, who can then modify their package designs. 

Microsoft - If you buy and install software on your computer, most retailers won’t give youa refund, no matter how much you hate it. Not so with Microsoft. Consumers dissatisfied with a Microsoft software or hardware purchase from any retailer can send it back to the company within 45 days for a refund and reimbursement of shipping costs up to $7.

On Santa's NAUGHTY list: :-(

 AirTran -  The discounted coach and sale-fare flights don’t include the price of the seat. If you want to select your seat when you book online, AirTran will charge $6 to $20 each way. Otherwise, you can show up at the gate and take your chances that you don’t get stuck with a noisy back-row.

RadioShack - They sometimes charge different prices for the same item.  The store price can be nearly twice the online price.

The Swiss Colony - The mail-order food firm ties its delivery fees to the dollar amount of an order. So, if an order totals $25, shipping and processing is $5.95, but if it costs a penny more, the freight jumps to $7.95 Beyond that, The Swiss Colony asks customers to fork over another $2.99 per shipping address for unspecified reasons.

Southwest Airlines -  For an extra $10 per flight, travelers can complete online check-in to get a better boarding group position or snag a better seat.  BTW....Southwest DOESN'T assign seats; it’s first-come, first-served.  

GameStop -  They have a huge list of conditions concerning returns and exchanges. And in the end, GameStop proclaims, “We reserve the right to refuse any return.” BOOOOOOO

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