Whether you love in Boonville, Philpot or Mt Carmel, we all enjoy our deer meat!! Mmmmmm, Mmmmmmm!!! But, apparently, if you live in London, England, not so much.

Today, on the show, we discussed the Reindeer Pate'  that the London Department store Harvey Nichols is selling. They describe it as an 'indulgent winter treat' coming from a 'farm-raised relative of Rudolph'. The pate' includes cognac, spices and ground meat. Sounds good, right?  But, the organization, The Vegatarians International Voice for Animals, has launched a campaign against the store because it "exploits wild animals"

What is wrong with a little deer meat??? That's all it is! Only it's it's packaged for the holidays. Captain Morgan is an avid hunter of both deer and elk. Our holiday traditions include a family favorite we call, Deer Dip! Soooooo goooood!!

A lot of Londoners  feel the same way. The department store has sold out of the pate'! Come on Vegetarians, just don't eat it if you don't want to!!! Don't try and  keep it from the rest of us!! Go eat a carrot!!

Would you eat the reindeer pate'? Does the name offend you??