For over 60 years, Holiday World has been making memories with families just like yours. If you've made memories there in the past, let us see them! Congratulations to the final winner for this year, Kelcey Vonderheide from Huntingburg, Indiana.

Kelsey Vonderheide - Huntingburg

Here's what he had to say about his photo:

This picture was taken 24 years ago with my dad in front of what is today the Applause Fountain. I promise that if we win tickets, I will make him wear those shorts again ;) And I'll be sure to rock the sweet sunglasses!

That's great Kelcey...I can't wait to see that photo!  In the meantime, see the picture my mom and I recreated after 32 years, below...

Eric Cornish

Thanks for all the entries this year and enjoy Holiday World and Splashin' Safari!