For over 60 years, Holiday World has been making memories with families just like yours. If you've made memories there in the past, let us see them! Congratulations to this week's winner, Anita Mosley from Sturgis, KY, but more importantly, her son, PFC, Tyler who's now in the USMC.

Here's what she had to say about her photo:

this is not that long ago, but out of all my times at HW...this was I think my the pic are my oldest son Tyler, his girlfriend Chelsea and my twins Justin and Jason...this was late summer 2012...the year before my son Tyler was to leave for the Marine Corps. (he had been signed w/them since he was 16) He left for boot 6/3/13 and is now a PFC in the UCMS. We had such a wonderful day together...I knew my time with him being my "child" was limited. He has just turned 19 and we hope to go back again soon to just be together as a family and relax and enjoy each other...he is a great "kid" w/strong family roots and we love to spend time together

Great story, and give Tyler a big thanks for serving us!

Anita Mosley

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