Our listeners are always sending us Facebook messages and emails requesting their favorite song. At Christmas, there are even more song requests.

A few days ago, a listener sent me an email requesting a Christmas song I had never heard.


Dear Jon & Leslie,

I was wondering if you would play a funny Christmas song that I have yet to hear on the radio. The song I am requesting is "Twist Of The Magi" by SheDaisy & Rascal Flatts. Before you play or listen to this song, you should look up the story "The Gift of The Magi" by O. Henry which is a touching Christmas story about a poor married couple. "The Twist Of The Magi" is a hilarious "twist" to this story that just tickles my funny bone.

Even if you are unable to play this song on the radio, please take the time to listen to it yourselves...I promise it will make you laugh!

Thanks for making my mornings fun!

Merry Christmas!

Kathey Templeton



HILARIOUS!!! Love it!

Thank you, Kathey, for sharing and Merry Christmas. :-)