As you may know, I'm a huge wrestling fan.  Right now there is a project being put together pairing my favorite pass time with another interest of mine.  That's right, the movie is being made as we speak.  'Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies' could be a reality soon!

As cheesy as this film will surely be, it is jam packed with some legendary wrestlers like Terry Funk, Roddy Piper, Larry Zbysko, Raven, and Shane Douglas.  I am pumped to see if this movie makes it even to DVD. Of course there will be some doubters so...

Here's 5 reasons some people WON'T like this movie:

1) It looks like the Zombies paid more for their gear than the indy wrestlers that are featured.

2) Viewers can't decide if WWE Hall of Famer, Terry Funk is a wrestler or a zombie.

3) If zombies eat brains, they'll starve in an arena full of wrestling fans (sorry that's my bad guy persona coming out)

4) Zombies walk so slow, it's hard to get enough momentum to bounce off the ropes.

5) It's not believable...Zombies are fake!

Watch the filmmakers' plea for funding for this promotional video.  CAUTION: Some adult language and zombie blood.