I saw this picture on the back end of our website. It reminded me of a moment from my past I had forgotten.


Reddit user gigi4hart posted this picture, along with the caption, "Message from the gardener...who is also my husband of 28 years."

When I was 23 years old, I met my first husband. During college, we worked together at a restaurant. I had invited him to Thanksgiving with my family. I didn't do it because I had feelings for him, we were only friends at the time, but because his family lived so far away, he was going to be alone during the holiday. At least I THOUGHT I didn't have feelings for him.

Later that night, after dinner, we went for a drive and ended up at the the Indiana State University football stadium. We jumped the fence and chased each other around the bleachers. At one point we started playing hide and seek. He ran off and ducked under a part of the bleachers. I waited until I counted to 20, then I ran in the direction of his exit. I looked everywhere under the bleachers and I couldn't find him anywhere. I then ran up a ramp and ended up right in the stands, mid way up on the 50 yard line. What I saw took my breath away.

He had run down onto the football field and with the path that he made, formed the letters of my name in the snow. My name took up the WHOLE football field. As he was finishing the last letter, he looked up and saw me. He yelled from the field, "I love you!" I was stunned. I looked at him smiling at me and I knew I loved him too.

Although our relationship/marriage came to an end, I will forever cherish the memory of how we felt at that moment. It was a truly beautiful and romantic moment.