Some call it Parkour, some call it Free Running.  I am just amazed at the things these people can do with their bodies.  I first heard about it, where else than on WWE TV with Superstar John Morrison, who has been labeled the King of Parkour.  Watch him as he trains courtesy of his WWE DVD, "John Morisson: Rockstar"

Who knew this was a type of workout?  And the stuff John does just scratches the surface.  There are gyms that specialize in just that kind of thing.  Want to see some really flippy folks, go to this gym.

Whew!  And I can't even do the treadmill for 15 minutes!  All I can think about when I watch that, is how long did it take before they could do that perfectly.  There had to be failed attempts and accidents.  Well thanks to the good old internet, you're welcome.