Since I have walked down the aisle TWICE, I am an authority on how a bride feels at during that VERY special moment. Take it from me, it is an EXTREMELY important part of the wedding ceremony. In my family, there is a tradition that BOTH parents walk the bride down the aisle. I would not have let anything prevent me from that moment when everyone stands and turns to look at you.

Three days before I walked down the aisle, on the way to get my marriage for my first marriage, I was involved in a car accident. On the way, a woman hit my fiance and I HEAD ON! Back then, we didn't wear seat belts. (I know, STUPID! We didn't wear sunscreen either!!)  On impact, my head hit the windshield, my knee shattered the glove compartment door and my passenger side door flew open. I was thrown out of the car, landing on the pavement, about 20 yards away. Lucky for me, the car in the lane that was about to run over me, was an off duty police officer who knew how to maneuver a car to avoid running over me.

Long story short, I was taken to the hospital with only dull pieces of glass all over my face and in my hair, a cut knee and a concussion. A miracle!!! Although I felt awful, should have been in wheelchair and should have taken this all as a sign of things to come, (LOL) I wouldn't have missed that walk down the aisle for anything. I had been planning THAT moment my whole life. Using BOTH my parents as crutches, literally, I did it!

That's why I can completely understand why this beautiful bride worked so hard for that moment. :-) AMAZING!! What a brave and strong woman!