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Leslie Gets To Ride In a Monster Truck
I could barely contain myself on Friday night at Dairy Queen, in Owensboro. The driver of the monster truck asked me if I wanted a to take a ride. Of course I said, YES!!!!!! The inner tomboy in me was unleashed. Take a look.
Foods To Eat If You Sit All Day
I literally sit on my butt ALL day. Not by choice, but because I spend two hours on the driving to and from work, four hours doing a show and another four hours at my desk, writing blogs and posting on social media. So, I'm desperate to find out some ways to help me even IF I have to sit ALL d…
Five Products That Claim To Stop Annoying Snoring
The older we get, it seems that my husband and I wake each other up because of our snoring. I usually wake him up to tell him to roll over on his side and then he tells ME that I'm the one who was actually snoring. It's a battle we have just about every night. So, we have been looking into…

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