My intern and I are here at the Owensboro Convention Center grand opening - the public's first glance into the gigantic building. We started our evening by setting up in the media room which is very close to the kitchen. We keep smelling all these delicious aromas! But, I digress... After our initial setup, we ventured out into the atrium where guests were arriving in droves. The first thing I noticed was the dresses. Tuxes and ballgowns are abundant.

Next, we made our way upstairs to start the tour. From the second floor, you can gaze into the first floor ballroom through a massive plated window. Only servers (and sneaky WBKRers) can get access inside the main ballroom where Sara Evans will perform at this time. Next, we went up another flight of stairs where you can peer over the ledge to view the atrium from a bird's eye view.

We went around and through - checking out the various ballrooms. We stopped to admire the floral and decorative arrangements in the wedding chapel and then got a little lost in the expo area. Along the way we saw two smaller meeting rooms and even a media viewing room with large couches.

Finally, we made our way downstairs and passed up the bar to bring you this sneak peek into the gala.

Check out pics below.