Zach Hodskins might be the most amazing basketball player you have never heard of. Hodskins is a very gifted star point guard for Alpharetta Milton High School in Georgia and is absolutely deadly from three-point range. Hodskins was born with no part of his left arm below the elbow and he refuses to let get in the way of him playing the sport he loves so much. Over the summer, Hodskins played with the AAU Tennessee Playmakers and was even more impressive with every game, turning a lot of heads, most notably, the college scouts who spend the summer looking for prospects.

Zach's dream is to play college basketball at the highest level possible. One Division 1 school was so impressed, they offered Zach an opportunity to join the program as preferred walk-on, which would guarantee him a spot on the team, but without a full scholarship. Oh by the way, that school is the University of Florida. The same Florida Gators that won back to back national championships a few years back and are always a threat come tournament time.

Whether Hodskins accepts the Florida offer is yet to be determined, but this kid is a star in the making. In addition to being a great shooter and playmaker, Hodskins ball handling skills are stunning...he deserves a shot somewhere for one simple reason, the kid can flat out play and at a very high level.

As parents, we are constantly telling our children they can do whatever they set their mind to regardless of any perceived limitations. The only real limitations for any of us, are those we put on ourselves. I try and teach my kids if they really want something, they can have it....they just have to make up their mind to go get it...just like Zach.