It has happened to you many times in the office; you are doing a little net surfing when your boss walks by and you quickly hit alt+tabbing back to your worksheet. As it turns out, a new study suggests that killing a little time on the internet might actually make you more productive. The study from the National University of Singapore says that a little web browsing is actually a restorative function in the same way you would take a break from studying or homework when you were in school. Plus, if the office smokers can go outside numerous times a day, why can't you waste a few minutes on the web? Researchers call it "cyberloafing" and say it can mentally refresh workers better than chatting, texting or sending personal e-mails. The study also found that bosses who check on workers internet time too frequently actually cause their workers to mess around more than if they had a little

internet freedom from snoopy bosses. During an 8 to 10 hour workday, a little time away from the task at hand can make all the difference in the world between getting the work done and getting it done well. So, if your boss asks you what you are doing, you can say you are just trying to be a better employee.