I love fall! The cooler weather, hoodies, crunchy leaves, people wearing more clothes, I LOVE IT!!!! Lastly, HALLOWEEN!!! I'm not in to the whole super creepy stuff, just the more traditional stuff. Since we've moved in to the new building at work, Ive calmed my decorations down, but I'm still tempted to put my Halloween village up somewhere. This also brings me to the dilemma of do I need to get Parker and Bruce Wayne a Halloween Costume? Parker has been a squirrel, a worm, pumpkin, and a vampire. The vampire fit him the best since he was still a puppy. When Bruce Wayne came in the picture, they've been a Minion with his banana, and the weird duo of Batman and Spiderman.

(Bruce Wayne wasn't happy at all to wear this. He wouldn't look me in the eye at all)

Once again, Bruce Wayne didn't want any part of this banana.

I may have my dilemma, but YOU can win if you have a pet that likes to model their costumes better than my pugs. Just follow this link and you can your favorite fur kiddo can win some great stuff!