Distracted driving is becoming one of the biggest problems on today's roadways. Drinking and driving has always been a problem, but let's never forget about one of the biggest killers on the road today.....SPEED. I am amazed sometimes at how fast people drive on Hwy 41, the Lloyd and I-164. Speed traps have proven effective, especially in places like Hwy 41 just north of the twin bridges under the overpass., but public awareness messages are almost non-existent in the Tri-State.

The below anti-speeding PSA was created in New Zealand by the Transport Agency and might the most attention grabbing message ever. The premise involves two drivers on a collision course who actually get a chance to interact through a time warp with each other prior to the tragic outcome to see if it can be avoided.....it can't.

This is as shockingly powerful as it gets and casts a whole different light on speeding. The message in this piece is as crystal clear as it gets......speed kills.