What if a device was available that allowed you to drive undistracted from your cell phone....would you use it? The number of accidents caused by cell phone use is rapidly on the rise and 'distracted' driving is causing more deaths on the roadways than driving under the influence. The folks at Scosche Industries have created a device that will block incoming and outgoing calls, text messages and internet access on your phone in your car while the car is moving.

The cellcontrol system uses bluetooth technology to prevent you from using your phone while driving and once you purchase the device, you activate the online program which uses their proprietary system to block any and all mobile communication.

The system can also detect when a hands free device has been activated and will allow safe use of certain functions. The system will also notify the assigned administrator via text or email if the unit is deactivated, removed or tampered with in any way.

The system retails for $129.95 and works with more than 1,200 mobile devices and any vehicle sold in the U.S. after 1996.