There's been a lot of buzz about new artist, Dallas Smith, who recently released his debut single, 'Tippin' Point.'  Making some stops on the first leg of Florida Georgia Line's 'Here's To The Good Times' Tour, he released the song co-written by the duo, but his background includes even MORE diversity than hip-hop infused country.

As backwoods and Texan the name Dallas Smith sounds, the new artist is actually Canadian.  Not only that, but he spent a good deal of the early 2000's playing pop rock music.  Anybody remember the 2001 hit from the band Default called 'Wasting My Time?"  Take a look, and see front man Dallas Smith, belting it out!

So from there to country, here is how Dallas Smith sounds today!

Pretty Interesting huh?  Here's another tune he released last year, that still sounds very mainstream country, but you can hear a little bit of similarity in the voice from the Default days.