A big thank you to everyone who entered their video in the National Anthem contest for the Hadi Shrine Circus.  The Shriners have picked the 8 winners who will perform at this year's Thanksgiving weekend tradition, The 79th Annual Hadi Shrine Circus.

Here are the singers' names and the dates they will sing, along with their video submission.

Thursday, November 22nd 3:00 - Deborah Sines

Friday, November 23rd 9:30 - Skylar Cain

Friday, November 23rd 2:00 - Amanda Barnett

Friday, November 23rd 7:00 - Libby Nelson

Saturday, November 24th 9:30 - Shelly Long

Saturday November 24th 2:00 - Alli Wilsbacher

Saturday, November 24th 7:00 - Amanda Witmer

Sunday, November 25th 3:00 - Logan Lefler

Thanks to all our entries.  Buy tickets to the Hadi Shrine Circus!