I am a BIG movie fan! Netflix is the bomb (for DVD rentals) but there is just something about the smell of popcorn, dripping in butter and the big screen, surround sound, that I love. And, this summer, some awesome movies are being released that will get you off your lawn chair and into the theater!

According to Glamour Magazine, these are the MUST SEE movies of the summer:

Snow White, and the Huntsman: I know what you are thinking...new take on the classic fairytale....BLAH BLAH BLAH!!  But, did I mention that Chris Hemsworth (Thor) is in the movie???? I knew you would change your mind!! ;-)

Rock of Ages: Oh, the '80s!! Let's all relive the music and big hair!!

Brave: Disney Pixar's new flick with an awesome, redheaded, female heroine (my red haired bonus daughter is gonna love this movie!!) Also, LOVE the Scottish accents!!!

To Rome, With Love: A Woody Allen romance? Not my favorite. But, it IS Italy!! :-)

Magic Mike: Channing Tatum as a stripper ... OMG!!!!!! I will be adding this movie to my collection!!

The Dark Night Rises: Four years later, and this is gonna be good!! LOVE me some Batman!!