The CW announced on Thursday that they had ordered 10 episodes of the musical chairs-based game ‘Oh Sit!.’ I know....Yes, this is what TV has come to.

Granted, it’s not your basic musical chairs from your childhood, and will instead be a trumped-up “extreme” version of the game. Here’s how the CW explains it:

['Oh Sit!]‘ is a high-stakes, high-octane musical chairs competition in which 20 daredevils race head to head through five obstacle course-style eliminations as they each compete to claim a chair — to the sounds of a live band.

Since this means they are now officially out of ideas for new game shows, expect other childhood competitions to be adapted for similar small screen fun. How bout these games???? YOu talk about fun...and a little painful! But, that's entertainment!!!! ;-)

Pin the tail on the donkey
Ring around the roses
Duck, duck goose
Kick the can
Mother, may I?
Paper Football
Red Rover
Freeze tag
Extreme Pinata

Any other childhood games you can think of????  .