It happens everyday at schools all over the country, including right here in the Tri-State.  Incidents of bullying are causing self esteem issues, depression, and even suicide in today's youths.  One new artist is taking a stand with her new song.  Morgan Frazier's new tune which she co-wrote with Sherrie Austin and Tiffany Goss, tells those bullies to 'back off' because there may be more similarities between us than you think.

Because of the song's strong message, Frazier has teamed up with the organization, Stand for the Silent, a group that was formed in Oklahoma in 2010 following a tragic suicide of a teen who was a victim of bullying.  The organization provides a platform for the loved ones of these victims to spread the word that bullying is not OK.  Check out the video, and keep listening for info on Morgan coming to our area to support this important cause.