As a mother, one of the things I felt important to teach my kids was a kindness, tolerance and respect for all people. I taught them that their all all kinds of people with all kinds of looks and all kinds of interests. I taught them to be color and gender blind and to accept people for WHO they are not what they are labeled. Accept them for whatever 'kind' they are, without judgement. And also, to teach them to be confident in who THEY are. No matter where life leads them, what choices they make or what kind they are.

That's probably why I love 'All Kinds of Kinds' from Miranda Lambert. The lyrics are pure, real and positive. They touch on the very things I tried to teach my kids.The video, for the song not only has concert footage from Miranda but all kinds of people hold up signs to show their confidence in who they are. LOVE IT!!!

Be kind to yourself and all of the other kinds of kinds. :-)