Miranda Lambert wasn't an overnight sensation.  It took her several years for the industry to take her and her music seriously.  Now, she's country music's top female and she got there by being her own person.  Miranda Tweeted about her appearance in W Magazine earlier today showing off her photo from the magazine.

"Yall @wmag put me in their music issue and it's out now!"

Miranda has never been one of the glamorous country stars, and she admits to W that it was intentional when she started out:

“The tough-girl thing comes naturally to me,” she says. “When I started out, I’d only wear jeans and tank tops. No dresses. I didn’t want these dudes in the bars that I was playing to look me up and down because I’m a blonde girl with blue eyes. I wanted to be heard, not seen. That’s how it all started."

I have to admit, that with a picture like that, I am looking her up and down now.  She's certainly proven that she can be glamourous and strong at the same time, hence the headline: "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang."  Miranda goes on to talk about one of her main female counterparts in country music Taylor Swift saying,

"When she hit, I was thinking, Thank God Taylor’s out there to show people we’re not cheesy. Some people still think that country music is twangy and cheesy, and they pigeonhole us. But I thought if they’re looking for Taylor’s videos or songs, they might see or hear other people they like. If her fans are watching for her, they might like me too.”

Check out W Magazine for more of the article featuring Miranda Lambert, and find out more about her struggles with being a female in country music including who she suggests should sponsor her tour:

“I love alcohol! You would think a beer company would sponsor me."