I have to be honest, I didn't know a thing about Mindy Smith when I heard she was going to be at 'Opry Goes Pink' night on October 30th, but as I strolled through the backstage area, I heard sweet sounds coming from one of the dressing rooms.  It was Mindy Smith, ready to go on stage and blow away the Opry crowd.

As I made my way closer to the auditorium to find my seat, I passed labelmates, Kellie Pickler and Sarah Darling who were making their way to the side of the stage to watch Mindy's performance, both talking about how much they loved her music.  I soon found out why.  Getting to my seat in time to see her last song, I was moved nearly to tears with this performance.  It is a tribute to her mother, called 'One Moment More.'


A portion of the crowd (far too few) jumped to their feet for a standing ovation, and let me tell you, I was one of them.