Leslie and I are always joking about me liking the music of Michael Buble. Well, it's not really a joke because I really do like his music, which is a crooning style that harkens back to Sinatra. Six-year-old Griffin REALLY likes Buble as well, especially his YouTube videos. Griffin lives in Alberta, Canada and is autistic. Buble's music has provided Griffin much relief, especially during times when he needs a sensory break....he even sleeps to Buble's music.

Griffin's parents say the music has a calming affect on their little boy like they have never seen with anything else.

Buble got wind of Griffin's story and love for his music and decided he needed to do something, so, he went to YouTube and created a special message for Griffin and even performed a little song, written especially for Griffin.

Not many artists would get quite this personal for a fan. Buble was so unbelievably touched by Griffin's story, he sprang into action almost immediately and the result is a very touching and heartwarming message that will make you tear up. This meant a lot to Buble to be able to do this and it shows all over his face and his actions....Michael Buble is a class act, see for yourself below.