The Paper Kites are an Australian music group that recently released a video for the song 'Young', the first single from their new 'States' album. This video is unlike anything you have ever seen thanks the folks at the Oh Yeah Wow production house who used 350 different faces and 4000 photographs to create the most unique lip-synch ever. The project took 10 days of grueling post-production work to complete using stop-motion animation to create the appearance that all of the faces are singing the song.The end result is 350 mouths perfectly lip-synched into one song.

I can't even imagine the work that went into this, but the video is stunning to watch. Some people say the video was beautiful, while others said they actually got nauseous after just a minute or two of the constantly changing faces.

I did have some trouble with the fast-paced nature of the video, but I couldn't turn away for anything. Whether you can get through it or not, the creative factor for this video is off the charts, coupled with the way the faces match up perfectly is some of the most impressive visual imagery you will ever see. Check it out below.