The reason for this post is certainly not to promote Mercedes Benz, but because the concept is just totally cool. In order to promote it's first production fuel-cell vehicle in Germany, Mercedes took a page out of the James Bond movie "Die Another Day" by making the car invisible. If you remember that movie, Q's wish was to create an invisible car and Mercedes spent around $263,000 to make it happen for the promotion.

They equipped a B-Class hatchback with flexible LED mats that covered one entire side of the car. On the opposite side a camera was mounted and the LEDs were programmed to reproduce the image from the camera at the right scale, blending the vehicle into the background from just a few feet away. The result was the appearance of an invisible vehicle.

The purpose of this elaborate promotion was to show how the fuel-cell powered vehicle would be invisible to the environment, producing only water vapor and heat for emissions. See how they did it below...very cool.