It's that time of year again, your chance at a million bucks!  I decided, what the heck, I'd like to join in too! But I don't know a thing about basketball, so here's my fool proof way to pick your bracket! 

One word: MASCOT.  I decided to pick my bracket based on mascots. I googled each mascot, and I chose the cuter of the two or the meaner of the two. Just depended. But it all ended up not mattering in the end because it came down to Butler and Gonzaga, you know why?? Bulldogs! They both have bulldogs for their mascots, and if you know me, you know I FLIPPING LOVE BULLDOGS. Their big wrinkly faces are the cutest. Even though I don't agree with breeding of English Bulldogs (I'm sorry the bleeding heart animal lover in me has to say that) I still think there is no cuter animal than a bulldog, and I'm not sorry for that haha!

So my entire bracket really ended up coming down to battle of the bulldogs Gonzaga VS Butler, because the bulldogs were the supreme cuteness.

However picking a winner between the two was very hard. Going by their mascot costumes alone, Butler's bulldog looks more accurate, but he looks really angry. Gonzaga's bulldog needs more wrinkles, but he looks so cute, and he has a spike collar, so that's why in the end I went with Gonzaga.

So here's my bracket!


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