If you have listened to country music lately, there's no doubt that other influences have crept into the format.  What started on a widespread scale with Jason Aldean doing Colt Ford's 'Dirt Road Anthem' has led to the two doing a duet, plus Nelly has jumped in with Florida-Georgia Line, and Luke Bryan is talking about his mix tape with Conway Twitty and T-Pain on it.  I found the perfect picture of Country and Hip Hop coming together this morning with our own Heather, the donut girl.


As you can see, Heather went totally 'Rural Route' from the waist down and completely 'Gangsta' from the waist up.  You can just call her top half 'Colt' and the bottom half 'Aldean.'  And you gotta love how she ties it all together with the fringe purse.  Heather has started a new trend and I'm hoping it catches on.  It may keep you guessing, but it's still super hot!  Yehaw, yo!