Brian Jones

      The LoCash Cowboys’ episode of ‘Man v. Food Nation’ is set to air Wednesday, June 8 at 9:00PM ET on the Travel Channel.

      If you want more info about that you visit to read about it here.

(Photo by Danny Beeler Jr./Heart of City the Design)

    So, I got to talking with Ryan Jones, LoCash's Fiddle player. He told me that he had to get back to Evansville for the Sci-Fi Orchestra Saturday night (while wearing a Star Wars shirt). In the picture to the left you'll notice him on stage at the Legendary Live Music Fest wearing a Nintendo controller strap. Awesome! From that point on i knew we would have alot to talk about. With a degree from Rochester Institute of Technology,New York in Information Technology, he has stepped away from his degree a bit by joining the LoCash Cowboys on the road. (I Would make that move any day)  Not completely though, most of the graphic design work you see on thier website, facebook, and album covers is done by him. He has been playing the fiddle since he was three years old, and he can sure tear it up!

Check out a solo of his in Columbus, OH @ Whiskey Dicks Bar