Due to momentous weather conditions and excessive drought, Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke has declared a local disaster emergency.

Effective immediately, setting off personal fireworks in the city of Evansville is officially banned, and this ban will continue for the next seven days.

“These are extraordinary conditions and if you just look at the statistics or drive down the street and look at what yards look like, you can tell, these are very, very dangerous conditions,” said Mayor Winnecke.

This ban also includes grilling out.

“Since it’s so hot out, everybody wants to get out of the sun. So, typically, they’ll put it on the porch, in the garage, under a tree. And it’s unbelievable if it’s dry and the grill gets away how fires can start that way,” said EFP PIO Dan Grimm. “People were surprised that it didn’t include fireworks, and because of the extremely dry conditions we have, they felt that it should have been included. I mean if you’re in a car wreck, that’s not when you put the seatbelt on, after the wreck. You put it on beforehand. So, we’re just asking people to be proactive and let’s do a little policing of our own and try to keep it safe for everyone out there.”

As of now, the public fireworks display on July 4th will still take place as scheduled, but that position could change if conditions, such as the wind, are not favorable.