Does your marriage feel like it's lost something since you both said, "I do" ? Has the passion, intimacy and just down right respect left your relationship? According to, there are several things you can do that take less than 5 minutes. These quick and easy, strategies can bring the sexy back  and make your love last. Here are a few.....

  • It's The Little Things - Love is in the everyday details. You should be having fun, connecting, and showing you care even about the littlest things.
  • Vent Often - Vent about whatever is on your mind: your job, your parents....whatever. You'll immediately feel closer.
  • Save Water - Shower together! No matter how busy you are,  whether in the morning or last thing at night, any couple can grab five minutes of absolutely alone, soaking-wet face-to-face time.
  • Act Like Teenagers - Try having a public make-out session. Don't be afraid to show the world you are in love. Remember how good it was when you were young? It's even better now!!
  • Dance To Your Wedding Song - Surprise your spouse with the song that you first danced to as man and wife. It can be a reminder of how much happiness you have enjoyed since you first dance.

For many more tips, click here!!! And, HAVE FUN!!!! ;-)