You talk about being at the right place at the right time! II told you about this the morning. Ok, imagine this...your best friend is Micheal Carter, the lead guitarist for Luke Bryan...YOU are an aspiring musician/songwriter trying to get a record deal...and Keifer Thompson, of Thompson Square goes on total voice rest and can't open up for Luke Bryan for at least 4 shows...SO, starting tomorrow (May 31)  YOU will fill in for Thompson Square on the Luke Bryan tour! WHAT?! YES! That is exactly what happened to newcomer Cole Swindell. Let me introduce you to him and you will see why I think he is a future country star.


Three weeks ago, he heard his song 'Chillin It' played, for the first time EVER, on the radio, on Highway XM Radio. Just three weeks ago. WOW!!

Here are a couple more of his songs...


LOVE HIS SOUND!! It's a great mix of Luke Byran, Jason Aldean and Billy Currington. If you come though the Tri-State, Cole, stop by and see us!! :-)