As some country artists continue to market themselves as crossover artists, many people complain that country music really isn't country anymore. But, in my opinion, it isn't the music that has changed as much as the country music fan.

I have witnessed, first hand, the diversity among country music concert goers. Luke Bryan's, 'Dirt Road Diaries Tour,' last week, in Evansville, was a prime example. Luke Bryan is one of those rare country artists, who I believe stays true to the country music sound, that appeals to everyone, no matter what type of music they prefer. And, so many of his fans like all types of different music. Because of that he even incorporated pop music into, not only his pre-show music, but to his own part of the concert.  And, the crowd LOVED IT!!!

To get the crowd on their feet, Pink blasted out of the speakers. Watching the crowd sing and dance to 'Raise Your Glass,' made me wonder if Pink should be coming to the Ford Center. Then to intro Luke first appearance on the stage, we all danced to Flo Rida's , 'Good Feeling.' And let me tell you, once on our feet, we never sat down.

It was incredible to see EVERY single person, from cowboy's to camo wearing teenagers, to cute pop looking college girls, to even 40 something's like me, on our feet, raising our glass and dancing.

About midway through the concert, Luke decided to take us all to 'Spring Break' in Panama City with a little Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars and the crowd went CRAZY.

Here is Luke in Alabama......