OMG!!! One of the worst televised sports injuries EVER happened yesterday. During the 'Elite 8' game between Louisville and Duke, Louisville guard Kevin Ware, was on the defense, jumped to block a shot, landed on his leg, and suffered a COMPOUND fracture. Yes, that's when the bone comes THROUGH the skin. OUCH!!!


While at a family get together for Easter, the video was sent to a cousin. He started passing his phone around so that everyone could see it. I'm warning you though, not EVERYONE should watched it. The video is graphic and if you are squeamish in any way, just take my word for it, IT IS BAD!!! BEWARE!!!

After the injury, he encouraged his fellow players to go and WIN! And that they did! Louisville blew out Duke 85-63.WOOOHOO!!! His sister Tweeted this morning that Kevin has gone through surgery and is doing well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to KEVIN for a full recovery and continued success. GO CARDS!!!