During the 4th of July, we celebrate our nation's birthday with bright flashes of brilliance in the sky. These fireworks can be a beautiful thing but only when used properly.

Today on Facebook, a friend and colleague posted about a little black kitten that had been the victim of a heartless assailant who tied fireworks to her tail. The post read:

I had a friend call me today. She had a small black kitten hiding in her yard and she could tell its tail was injured, bleeding & burnt. Tape where fireworks had been attached to its tail was still there in torn shreds. A group of neighbors had been trying to catch this poor thing and one of them took the kitten to Banfield. An example of the worst of humanity ends with an example of some of the best in mankind! Thank you EACC for catching this baby.


PAAWS has taken this little one in after Banfield did surgery to remove his tail that was also laden with maggots. It was too badly damaged to be saved. A foster has taken the kitten in and he is a little hissy today but doing well!

Follow this kitten's progress and see additional photos of the tail at the PAAWS, no kill rescue page. Please consider making a donation to help this kitten's vet care which is very costly. Donations can be mailed to the PAAWS mailing address or dropped off at Banfield Pet Hospital inside Petsmart in Evansville.

Po Box 115
Newburgh, IN 47629
If You See Animal Cruelty Happening
These senseless acts of cruelty are never fun to report. If you see animals being abused, call your local animal control office or in extreme cases such as this - police department. Though I'm sure this little guy's experience was traumatic and extremely painful, we are sure the good people of PAAWS will find him a wonderful and safe forever home.