You have probably never asked yourself what would happen if you combined liquid nitrogen and 1500 ping pong balls. Come to think of it, that does sound pretty cool even though you probably don't know why. Let's take a look at what would happen if you put the liquid nitrogen and the ping pong balls together in a trash bin. Dr. Roy Lowry is a chemistry professor at the University of Plymouth. Dr. Lowry decided to give his class a real treat one day and videoed the whole thing during class. Lowry puts a sealed container of liquid nitrogen in a trash bin with some warm water. The he poured in two bags of ping pong balls. I keep thinking of "Dorfman" in 'Animal House' before he spills out the marbles during the parade saying, "Oh boy is this great!"

The secret lies in the fact that the nitrogen is in a tightly sealed, liter-sized soda bottle. See for yourself what happens. Very cool. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME... EVER!