South Korean electronics giant LG wanted an ad campaign for it's new line of IPS monitors that would really grab your attention and demonstrate the visual quality of these new monitors in way you would never expect. They decided the best way to do this would be by using an elevator and creating an effect that would make your life flash before your eyes... mission accomplished!

In the ad, as you can see below, LG engineers replaced the floor of the elevator with with several of the monitors and made it look like the actual floor.

When office workers entered the elevator and hit the floor button, the lights would begin to flicker and the sound of grinding metal fills the car. Suddenly, the floor appears to break away and passengers find themselves staring straight down the elevator shaft... whoa!

The initial reaction of the passengers is a split-second of total panic and fear only to realize they are looking at an image. Talk about reality TV... Sheesh!!! That's how you promote a new product, see for yourself.