Recently, I discovered a song from Brantley Gilbert that I had never heard. Having been born and raised in Indiana, I immediately fell in love with it. And, you will too. :-)


Brantley Gilbert is, I believe, one of the masters of the country/rock song. LOVE EM!! But I am always so impressed when he slows it down and reveals to us a part of his sensitive soul.

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'Indiana's Angel' was written by Brantley during a time in his life when he was doing quite a bit of soul searching. I found out that he when he was nineteen, he was involved in a car accident that threw him out of the back window of his truck. The truck rolled several times and hit a tree. The wreck almost cost him his life. In reflecting on his life, Brantley also wrote 'Prodigal Son.' Both songs were featured on his self-released album, ‘Modern Day Prodigal Son,’

Brantley Gilbert is very close to his mom and admits to being a bit of a mama's boy. Here is the very beautiful and heartfelt 'Indiana's Angel' about his mother, Becky.

Brantley, now you've done it, I love you even more now!!

Can't wait for him to come to Evansville to perform May 2nd, at The Ford Center. Hopefully he will sing 'Indiana's Angel' to his adoring Indiana fans. :-)

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