Sometimes I feel a little famous. I do! It's crazy when someone recognizes me or my voice when I'm at Walmart. Or, when my son tells the nice lady at Subway that I am Leslie Morgan and she says, 'Who?' Ok, I said a LITTLE famous. LOL

Now, my baby brother Frank Kramer, on the other hand, is REALLY famous. He is one half of the LA radio team, Heidi and Frank AND he is one of the stars of Dish Nation. Check him out. He is pretty funny, good looking and incredible, if I do say so myself. And, I taught him everything he knows!! ;-)



Seriously, I am VERY proud of him. He has worked so hard to get where he is and sacrificed a lot to be at the top. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him!!

I watch Dish Nation on the CW channel 7. But it varies for cable so check your local listings for channel and air times. :-)

OC Weekly did a blog about his career in radio!!