On the show this morning (July12), I told about an incident that happened while Suri Cruise and her mother, Katie Holmes, were leaving a store in NYC. While walking to their car, they were swarmed by the photo devils we call the paparazzi. If THAT wasn't bad enough, they verbally insulted and verbally abused the little girl.

Take a look but I must warn you that there are TWO B-words. One is Brat, the other is NOT witch. Yes, the paparazzi proves once again that they are the scum of the earth!!

This isn't the first time that Suri has givien them the business!

Whether she is with Mom OR Dad (Tom Cruise), she can NEVER escape it.

Do you realize that this is OUR fault. WE are to blame. If pictures of celebrities and their children didn't have such a high price, there would be no paparazzi. We need to let them have their privacy. Pay attention to our OWN lives and our OWN kids. If you like their movies, GREAT! But, let's stay out of their private lives. I know some of you are thinking that there is a price for everything, especially stardom. And, you may be right. But, how about we make a pact to NOT buy the magazines or visit the websites that exploit these families so that their innocent children don't have to go through this cruelty. How would YOU like to have a camera in your face ALL THE TIME??? And, the only thing you did was be born to celebrity parents. I pray for this beautiful child, her safety and her sanity.