While watching the ACM Awards, I found moments I loved and moments I couldn't stand. Winners and losers that confused me, even nominations that had me confused. So, I decided to share my best and worst moments with you.


 WORST, opening song! AS much as I love Blake Shelton AND his new song, Boys Round Here , I felt like the performance was disjointed and looked like no one had rehearsed. Blake appeared unsure of the lyrics and uncomfortable, Luke was too nervous to begin the show so therefore way too wired up, Sheryl Crow...WHY? WHY?, Pistol Annies please...two if the three are more than lucky that Miranda Lambert is their BFF...she is the best thing about the trio... no matter how you look at it and Brad Paisley.well at least it was better than his solo performance with John Mayer...and that's not saying much.


BEST, Hillary Scott. I know how uncomfortable it is to be asked to do an appearance when you are HUGELY pregnant. It is AWFUL. You feel bloated and whale like. But, Hillary was radiant. She looked so beautiful and carried herself with confidence in her 5 in heels. AWESOME!!


WORST, Luke Bryan joke delivery. You know I LOVE Luke Bryan. And, for his first time hosting the ACM Awards, he did good. But, his nerves got away with him and effected his timing.  And, you never ask the audience to react to your jokes. He is still SO cute though, who cares? ;-)


BEST, Blake and Miranda. They are SO sweet and romantic. ( In a Redneck kinda way ;-) You talk about chemistry! WOW! Divorce rumors? Whatever! I don't see it.


WORST, Taylor Swift's sexy dance. Oh, Taylor. You can't sell yourself as a teen with love issues and them the next minute expect us to just forget and accept you as a full grown female who is sexy and in charge. Plus your dance moves didn't go with the lyrics. Petty I know, but I had to put it out there.



BEST of the BEST, Eric Church. He can do nothing wrong! EXCELLENT and BEAUTIFUL! I'm talking about the performance and song. I know what you're thinking! ;-)


THE VERY, VERY, VERY, BEST, KIMBERLY PERRY!!! Sunday night, she showed that she is the princess of country music, next in line for QUEEN! She is a HUGE threat  to all other female artists - she is beautiful, she has a unique sound that has never been heard, she can engage the audience, she can dance, and she can SING too...imagine THAT!!! NO other female, in that auditorium can claim ALL of those assets! Kimberly showed us with her performance of 'Done' that she is here to stay and you better believe that all who are her competition were thinking...'DAMN!!!'


 Confusing moments -

- Sugarland for Best Duo? Didn't they split for a while? Did they even release a song this year?

- Brantley Gilbert for Best New Artist? OMG!!! He is hardly new!!! Where was my girl Kasey Musgraves?

- L.L. Cool J? Stevie Wonder? The chick from 'The Young and the Restless'?

Even though I was confuse a little more than I should have been, overall I enjoyed the show. And, did I mention Luke Bryan looked SOOOOOOO cute, yet? ;-)