As you know, I have been very sick. I was so sick, I was worried that it might be something serious. After missing three consecutive days of work, Jon informed me I would need a doctors excuse to return to work. Well, long story short, I bitched and moaned but made my appointment to see the doctor. And, NOW, I'm very glad I did.

When I got sick, in the middle of the night, with extreme dizziness ans vomiting, I assumed that I had a stomach virus. It was happening fast and brutal so I buckled down to fight the fight. But, after 12 hours, I wasn't any better. After 24 hours, I wasn't any better either. Although I had gotten my appetite back, I was still unable to get my strength back. My dizziness was getting worse. I didn't feel like myself and feared that something VERY serious was making me very sick. I needed to go to the doctor but, like everything else in my life, I thought I could take care of it by myself. I HATE asking for help.

Well, because of the sick day rules at work, I reluctantly went to the doctor. As, I was telling him of my dizzy spell while rolling over in bed and again when going to the bathroom, he took a look inside my ears. He knew immediately what I was suffering from, a virus, not in my stomach, but my ears. A virus that was causing my ears to fill up with infected fluid. This explained my extreme, debilitating dizziness.

So, after a shot in each butt cheek, a round of steroids and antibiotics and a crap load of antihistamines, I am on the mend. A little more unstable and unbalanced than normal, but better. :-)

Let this be a lesson to YOU!!! GO TO THE DOCTOR, STUBBORN! There ARE times in your life when you DO need help and it's ok to get it. There are some things that we can not fix by ourselves.