Being a strong female, in a male dominated work environment, can be frustrating. Don't get me wrong, being a female is great! But trying to stand your ground, be aggressive, have ambition, or even expressing your femininity can leave you feeling beaten down by those who insist on labeling women.


Before I go on, watch this video.

I was emailed the link to this video by one of my mentors. She knew I would relate to it because she has also found herself, has a woman in power, wearing unsolicited, negative  labels. All of the examples, in the video, have happened to me.

I have been called a bitch while the male who had the job before me was admired as being driven. I have felt guilt and negativity when choosing career over family even though my husband, at the time, received two degrees and a Master's while taking time away from the family and everyone praised him for his achievement, success and dedication. I have been in a job evaluation and been told, by a female manager, that I was too pretty at work and that I should tone it down so as not to be a distraction. I have heard stories of women I've worked with who were considered 'Sluts' because they slept with a few co-workers or had several different boyfriends, but the men I worked with, who I knew were doing the same thing, were praised for being a player and a stud. BS!! I have tried to further my career and go after my dreams by making things happen then been told I have too big of an ego. Even in my current job, it is rare to find a female in the lead of a radio show. For some reason, radio still thinks a man has to be the host and a female, the CO-host. Why? I have no idea. Old labels and thinking I guess.

I say, 'STOP IT WITH THE LABELS!!!"  It's time we break free of ANY labels put on us. Sure, we will continue to be labeled, that's never going to change. But, how we react to the labels CAN change. The next time someone tries to label you, laugh in their face. Be confident in who you are, your talents and abilities. We, as women, need to stop caring what other people think. It's OK if we are driven, forceful, ambitious, intelligent, witty, look good, are successful and, yes, sexually free. Men strive to be those things everyday. Don't let anyone, male or female, try to push you to the back of the line. Tear the labels, that others have placed upon you, off of yourself and proudly wear your OWN labels everyday of your life. :-)  Thank you, Pantene, for reminding us to shine!