My birthday was last weekend. I found out a couple of weeks before that I would be spending my birthday in Louisville, Ky. Would I be spending the weekend out of town because of a romantic trip my husband planned? You might even think it was a big party with some of my friends celebrating on Fourth St. No, it wasn't any of those ideas. Although BOTH of those ideas are amazing. (In different ways ;-) It was something even better.


My youngest son Hayden had a football all-star tounrement all weekend, including Saturday, my birthday. And, he gave me priceless gift.

On my birthday he scored TWO touchdowns!!!!!  He made them them looked at me and gave me a smile and a thumbs up as he left the end zone.

On Sunday, he tried to get me two more. His first game was played during a two hour down pour. But, even though he was soaking wet, he wore a big smile even with no touchdowns and a loss for the team.


Game two that day was played in about three inches of mud. And, again he found it hard to score a touchdown and the team suffered another loss. But, his smile and thumbs up remained. :-)



Watching Hayden follow his dreams is priceless to me. His positive spirit and sportsmanship are heroic. Being his mother is the greatest gift I could ever receive.