Jon and I spend our mornings talking to YOU and we love it when YOU talk back. Recently, a band sent us Christmas song that speaks to the sadness and depression that some people suffer during the holidays.

We received a message from a west coast band that describes themselves as 'roots rock / indie / folk / west coast alternative country.' The message had a song attached. Now, you have to understand that we get messages like this all the time. Artists use Facebook to get their music to the masses. I was reluctant to open up the link because, quite frankly, most of the music sucks. But this song, surprised me. I liked it, enjoyed it and felt the heartbreaking message. I have SO been there during the holidays. See what you think...

The band is named White Owl Red. featuring the songs of J. Josef McManus. Like them on Facebook to hear more music.

White Owl Red/Facebook


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