While on vacation last week, my family decided, after leaving the pool, we would go to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. GREAT!! The only problem was, my bathing suit cover up didn't actually COVER me up. So, what did I do? What any good girl would do, I asked permission. :-)

We walked in and there was a really friendly, smiling server/host at the counter. His name was David. I walked over to David and explained my dilemma. DO I enter the restaurant wearing something the looked like a REALLY, REALLY short dress? Or, do I go sit in the car and wait for my family to bring be some leftovers?

David looked at me, them up and down at me and said he thought it looked good. GOOD?!?! I had this! He was going to let me join my family for dinner. So, to thank him, we did a little Cha Cha! ;-)

Gracias, David!