Hoosiers have been getting ripped off by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, at least that appears to be the consensus of a class action lawsuit filed this morning in Marion Superior Court.

The lawsuit claims that since 2007, the BMV has “systematically overcharged” Indiana drivers under the age of 75 between $4 to $7 more than what is allowed by Indiana law for license renewals – a scam that has resulted in the collection of “tens of millions of dollars or more,” according to the complaint.

“There is specific authority for how much they can charge and what they did instead was, apparently, just made up a number,” said Irwin B. Levin, the attorney responsible for filing the complaint.

So, how much have Indiana residents been overcharged for driver’s licenses in recent years? While Levin says he is not sure as to an exact figure, his office estimates the number could be as much as $30-40 million. That’s quite a sizeable chunk-of-change considering that there roughly four million licensed drivers in the state that could be entitled to a refund.

Drivers are currently charged a maximum of $21 for a six-year license; however, the lawsuit claims that $15 for a six-year license is the most that can be charged.

A spokesperson for the BMV said that the agency had not yet been made aware of the allegations and, therefore, did not have any comment.