The last few years has seen a lot of attention drawn to child or pee-wee sports. We hear all the time about the loud and obnoxious parents who can't keep quiet at games and about the fights that break out, or even the officials who are attacked. It has gotten out of hand in some cases, but this might be the best story ever. Demias Jimerson is 11 years-old and plays in the Wilson Intermediate League in Arkansas and he is good......very good. So good in fact, that he was actually benched for scoring too many touchdowns!! Because of Jimerson's ability, the league implemented the Madre Hill Rule which is named after Arkansas Razorback great Madre Hill. Hill played in the same league when he was a kid and was so good, they made the rule that if a player has already scored three touchdowns and his team has a 14-point lead, he is banned from scoring again in that game. What kind of message are we sending kids who have great talent and natural ability? Is taking a gifted and exciting player out of the game the answer? I certainly don't think so, maybe you just run plays that don't go to him or give the ball to a different runner and have Jimerson block. Penalizing the kid for being good is wrong. See his story in the below video and decide for yourself.